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End Effectors

Types of Robotic End Effectors

Bag-Style End Effector

Handles a variety of bags including open-mouth, valve, and FFS bags. With the application of optional servo controls, this tool is perfect when operating multiple product lines with different product sizes.

Clamp-Style End Effector

This mechanical clamp-style tool works well on cases in a wide range of palletizing applications. Picking single cases, multiple cases, or rows of products is possible with this tool.

Fork-Style End Effector

This tool is used for handling unique packages with gentle handling requirements.

Case/Bag-Style End Effector

This tool allows a single robot to palletize two production lines with different packaging requirements, allowing both bags and cases to be palletized sequentially without changing tools.

Vacuum-Style End Effector

This end effector is ideal for loads that require a softer touch or where fragile loads cannot be clamped.

Sheet Placement End Effector

This add-on tool handles slip, tie and cap sheets. When you need a sheet to hold your load in position, this tool is essential. A valuable addition to your robotic palletizing system.

Pallet Placement End Effector

Place pallets of any size right where you want them. Neat, efficient and easy, this end effector add-on works with precise consistency to put pallets exactly in place, every time.

Custom End Effector

All of our end effectors are designed, assembled and tested in our factory. This capability provides tremendous flexibility to make sure the right end effector is applied to the needs of the palletizing system.

Types of Robotic End Effectors

Curious what End Effectors Are?

The picture shows a white Columbia Okura palletizer stacking boxes.

The More You Know

We design, assemble and test all of our end of arm tools. This capability provides tremendous flexibility, making sure the right end effector is applied to each application. This core competency helps minimize lead-times and allows for rapid adjustments in design when necessary.

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