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Customer Care

Our team is passionate about putting the customer's interest first

Customer Support Team

It is our mission to keep your plant running at peak performance.
24/7 after hours technical support is also part of our normal service value.
Columbia/Okura maintains a team of experienced field service technicians available to travel to our customer sites, offering services customized to each clients specific needs.

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Customer Care
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The quality of installation affects both performance and payback. If you're not comfortable installing your equipment, let our certified technicians handle the installation for you. After verifying system performance our team will conduct on-site training for system operators ensuring they know how to use the system safely.

Training Your Personnel

Keep your plant operating at peak performance by training your operators and maintenance personnel to solve operational issues. We offer a variety of training programs for operators and maintenance personnel. From basic palletizer operation to specific machine training and advanced pattern programming, Columbia/Okura’s training programs are designed to improve the efficiency of your plant’s system operators.

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Training Programs

We offer advanced training at our customer training center in Vancouver, Washington or we can provide this at your plant. Training at our facility allows operators and maintenance staff the opportunity to get individual attention in a dedicated training area. Talk with us about your specific needs.

Training programs are very popular and require at least four weeks’ notice to schedule and prepare the customized material.

Training Topics:
Operation and Maintenance
Mechanical Preventative Maintenance
Electrical Preventative Maintenance
Advanced Pattern Training

Schedule Training

Keep your plant operating at peak performance by training your operators and maintenance personnel to solve operational issues as they arise. We offer an array of state-of-the-art training options. Utilize an on-site Columbia/Okura trainer and learn through hands-on training. Training at our demonstration facility is also available.


Our experienced technicians are available to visit your facility to analyze, troubleshoot, repair or provide preventative maintenance. We can work with your team to install new parts or provide equipment upgrades. Customer support is available 24/7. Our technicians are strategically located around the United States, in every time zone, to be close to our customers.

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Remote Support

Each of our industrial robotic palletizers is equipped with a industrial router capable of providing remote access. The router provides rugged and industrially rated security functions including firewall, routing and VPN to industrial networks. The VPN gateway allows secure remote support through a third party cloud service. This service can assist in the reduction of downtime and service expenses.

Columbia/Okura’s service and support are on a level of its own. Any and all issues I have had (which has been very few) have been easily dealt with over the phone. My overall experience with Columbia/Okura has been wonderful.
— Josh Burtch, Burtch Seed Co, Inc.

Preventative Maintenance

Let us keep your systems in tip top shape. Checking on the equipment while it is still running is much better than experiencing an unexpected breakdown.

Ai1800 Palletizing Robot

Robot Replacement Program

While Columbia/Okura arms that were installed 15+ years ago are still palletizing and running well, our latest robotic palletizing robots offer valuable upgrades.
Our Robot Replacement Program is designed to support our customer's transitions from older equipment models to newer models that can continue to be supported by our team and the parts department.

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Ai1800 Palletizing Robot
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Packaging needs continue to evolve. Automation technology continues to improve. Let us help you upgrade your system to enhance productivity, comply with new packaging requirements, and/or new safety standards. Retrofitting your system with these upgrades may be far more cost effective than acquiring a new system.

Retrofits & System Enhancements

We understand that our customers operate in a dynamic environment, and flexibility is a significant factor when making the decision to purchase a robot for your end-of-line palletizing needs. Whether you seek to increase the productivity of your current system, revise production configurations, or handle new load types, Columbia/Okura stands ready and able to assist with your changing requirements.

Our latest Retrofits & System Enhancement Catalog outlines adjustments, improvements, and different tools that can be added to your palletizing system to ensure it can continue to meet your changing production needs.

Customer Care

Built To Last

The decision to replace or upgrade an existing system can be a difficult one. In the event that a future upgrade may be appropriate, rest assured, our systems are built to last. We believe that through proper application of retrofit upgrades, this can be a cost effective way to address new applications and add years onto the life of an existing robotic system.

Deciding To Retrofit

Our knowledgeable and friendly employees are always ready to provide you with the right tools and information to help you make a decision if retrofitting is right for your business and your existing system.


Why settle for replacement parts that aren’t up to your high standards? You demand excellence and that’s why you chose Columbia/Okura LLC.

By sourcing with us, you know you will receive genuine OEM parts in addition to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We stock a full array of parts to minimize downtime.

The Columbia Okura warehouse parts shop where extra parts are stored
I have worked with Columbia/Okura for several years and I couldn’t be happier. Their parts and service support is 2nd to none. I will strongly suggest Columbia/Okura for any future jobs.
— Mark Spitzer, AMD

Replacement Parts

We stock a full array of parts to minimize downtime. Our parts department has the replacement parts you need.