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Who We Are

Columbia/Okura LLC is a robotic palletizing integrator, applying expert knowledge and tools to solve customers’ “End of Line” production challenges for a diverse range of businesses, products, and applications. The historical success of our company can be attributed to an exclusive focus on end of line palletizing systems and applications.

Who We Are
Ai1800 Palletizing Robot


Columbia/Okura LLC offers robotic palletizing solutions comprised of dynamic products and services aimed at increasing our customers end-of-line packaging efficiency, promoting safety, and reducing their overall cost of production.



Columbia/Okura is a company of dedicated and passionate professionals applying expert knowledge and the right tools to solve customers’ end-of-line production challenges.

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Columbia/Okura applies its expertise via defined production line surveying and problem solving processes that allow us to understand our customers’ challenges, identify critical need areas, and design and apply the appropriate solution to lower the cost of ownership and generate profitable returns for our customers.


Service Team

Columbia/Okura maintains a team of experienced field service technicians and engineers available to travel to our customer sites, offering services customized to a client's specific needs. The team also offers training for your employees, retrofit services, and parts support.

Service & Maintenance
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