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The new miniPAL® 2.0 is a collaborative robot or cobot with a compact design to work alongside employees safely

A cobot, or collaborative robot, is a type of industrial robot that can work safely alongside people. Unlike traditional industrial robots, a cobot does not need safety guarding to protect employees from interacting with it, instead they use sensors and an auto stop function to allow people to work next to them safely. Their flexibility and ability to adapt easily for different products make them extremely useful for production lines and manufacturing. They are also typically smaller and lighter than other robots, therefore they can be moved to different locations more easily than traditional industrial robots.

Columbia/Okura miniPAL® collaborative robot lifting boxes

miniPAL® 2.0 Cobot

The new miniPAL® 2.0 cobot, our latest collaborative palletizing robot, features the UR10e robot from Universal Robots. The new compact design includes a more narrow frame and cover than our previous cobot. The cobot features lifting columns for tall loads, dual stacking locations for continuous load building, built-in fork pockets for easy mobility, and area scanners for safety instead of safety mats. With intuitive pattern building software designed to be smooth and flexible, the cobot is easy to have up and running quickly.


Load Capacity

27.6 lbs (including end effector)

Lifting Capacity

22.9 lbs


5-8 picks per minute (pattern dependent)


110V single phase outlet

UR+ Application Kits

The Columbia/Okura miniPAL® 2.0 is certified for the UR+ Application Kits. These kits streamline deployment for the most popular cobot applications by combining multiple components on the UR+ platform.

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miniPAL® 2.0 Cobot Benefits

Quick Payback

Average payback is between 8-10 months, depending on application and industry

Flexible Deployment

Our mobile cobot solution is easily moved and re-deployed to new processes

No Guarding Required

Most applications work next to people without perimeter guarding

Easy Operation

No previous programming experience required

Efficient Setup

Takes less than a full day; plugs into 110V AC wall power

miniPAL® 2.0 Footprint

The miniPAL® 2.0 cobot's compact design takes minimal floor space and can work alongside employees for most applications with no guarding. It's operating footprint is just 8' x 10' with two pallets. The plug and play, 110 volt, self contained unit is capable of palletizing cases, trays, spot-packs, and other packages onto any pallet up to 48" x 40". It has continuous load building capabilities up to 84" load heights onto two pallet locations.

Introducing the miniPAL® Cobot

miniPAL® Cobot Demonstration

miniPAL® 2.0 Assembly

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