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The miniPAL® cobots are collaborative robots built with flexibility and ease of use, providing safety, precision, and versatility

The miniPAL® 20 is available now

The miniPAL® 20 is Columbia/Okura's latest collaborative palletizing solution. The system utilizes Universal Robot's UR20 cobot arm to provide a 44 lbs (20kg) lifting capacity, enabling heavy payloads at higher rates than previous collaborative systems. Additionally, the flexible tooling allows for multi-pick options, and the system is designed to use a 10' x 11' footprint. The user-friendly software that allows for intuitive pattern building is created by our partners at Rocketfarm.

The UR20 is the first of Universal Robots' next generation of high-performance industrial cobots and is designed to take performance to new heights.

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UR20 Robot
miniPAL+ collaborative robot

miniPAL+ collaborative robot


miniPAL® 10 Cobot

The Columbia/Okura miniPAL® 10 is a collaborative palletizing robot built for flexibility and ease of use. It features the UR10e cobot by Universal Robots, known for its safety, precision, and versatility. The miniPAL® is equipped with Pally software, an intuitive pattern-building program—created in partnership with Rocketfarm—that is easy to operate and program for various product types, including cases, spot packs, trays, bundles, and plastic bags.

Its small footprint, ability to work alongside employees safely and to relocate throughout a facility easily, while backed by a one-year warranty, make the miniPAL a great addition to any team.



Load Capacity

27.6 lbs (including end effector)

Lifting Capacity

22.9 lbs


5-20 cases per minute (pattern dependent)


110V single phase outlet


8' x 10' footprint with two pallets

Palletizing Simulator

Columbia/Okura partners with Rocketfarm to provide a user friendly software package for usage within our collaborative palletizing robots.

Rocketfarm now provides an online simulation tool, allowing users to add product specifications in 3 easy steps and receive palletizing layouts and suggestions within one hour.


miniPAL® Features & Benefits


Designed to be flexible and adaptable to a wide range of applications, the miniPAL® can palletize a variety of product types and easily relocated throughout a facility.

Quick Payback

Average payback is between 8-10 months, depending on application and industry

Ease of use

Even operators with no prior experience can get the miniPAL® up and running quickly with the intuitive pattern-building software.


Designed to work safely alongside humans, it features soft-stop technology and safety scanners to prevent accidental collisions.

Small footprint

Its small footprint makes it easy to integrate into tight spaces.

UR+ Application Kits

The Columbia/Okura miniPAL® is certified for the UR+ Application Kits. These kits streamline deployment for the most popular cobot applications by combining multiple components on the UR+ platform.

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Providing User Friendly Software with Rocketfarm AS

This relationship has allowed Columbia/Okura to provide a user friendly software package, called Pally, for usage with the miniPAL® and future cobots.

Introducing the miniPAL® 10 Cobot

miniPAL® 10 Assembly

miniPAL® 10 Cobot Demonstration

Cobots FAQs

For more information on our miniPAL®, please call one of our experienced service professionals or reach us by filling out the response form.