Robotic Palletizing System Applications - Columbia Okura


A flexible robotic palletizing system can enhance your throughput, reduce your costs, and improve your safety


Bag Palletizing

Our robotic palletizers can handle virtually any type of bag including open-mouth, valve and FFS bags. We have proven ourselves as robotic bag palletizing experts. Whether you are looking for a higher production rate or need more flexibility, our systems have been designed to address almost any application.

Palletizing a Variety of Bags

Watch the video to see a variety of systems we have done over the past year.

Single Line Stack In Bin System

If load compression and 4-sided load constraint is critical, our hybrid stacking bin is the solution for you.

Two Line System

There are many different ways to stack your product, watch the video to see how our two line system stacks bags.

I have had better service from Columbia/Okura than any other vendor I have.
— Bill Baron, Imerys Pigments

Let Us Build A System
That Fits Your Needs

Send us your product, and we will prove we can stack it. With multi-line capabilities, our demo systems can handle any product.