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A flexible robotic palletizing system can enhance your throughput, reduce your costs, and improve your safety

Bag Palletizing

Our robotic palletizers can handle virtually any type of bag including open-mouth, valve and FFS bags. We have proven ourselves as robotic bag palletizing experts. Whether you are looking for a higher production rate or need more flexibility, our systems have been designed to address almost any application.


Barrett Petfood Innovations

Bag palletizing system

High speed bag palletizing system

I have had better service from Columbia/Okura than any other vendor I have.
— Bill Baron, Imerys Pigments

Drum and Pail Palletizing

Columbia/Okura robots can handle pails and drums of all shapes and sizes by utilizing mechanical or vacuum end effectors. Our team will apply the right tool for your products' palletizing needs.

One Line Pail System

View examples of our vacuum end effector.

One Line Pail System

Need your product stacked quickly? Let our robot do the work.

Multi line, Multi Product

Do you have different products that need to be stacked? Watch the video to see how we do it.

Columbia/Okura's after hours support is top notch! Not only did they walk me through an error message we were receiving, but they also called me back the next day to make sure the system was running.
— Clyde Selman, Balchem Corp

Case Palletizing

No job is too big or small for our robots. Our case palletizing systems handle a wide range of case types and sizes including RSC, HSC and telescoping cases. In addition to trays, totes, Kraft bundles, poly bundles, and pallets are all palletized with similar end of armtools.

Ai1800 Palletizing Robot stacking boxes shot from below

miniPAL palletizing cases

Case palletizing

I wanted to share my appreciation for meeting our performance and service expectations with the recent automation project. The quality of work was uniformly high from start to finish and your team looked beyond the current context while trying to preserve operational efficiency. Your team delivered results!
— David A. Sanzobrin, Hood Packing

Multi-Line Systems

Where multiple lines or more than one robot are required, Columbia/Okura has the knowledge and experience to assist you in selecting the right solution.
Our palletizers allow a single robot to manage the output of four lines concurrently. Utilizing our standard end effectors, the robot is able to accommodate varying product sizes and package types with a single tool.

Multi-Line System Overhead Footage

Watch this video to see a multi-line case system that gets the job done.

Multi-Line Case System: Different Stack Sizes

Have four different size cases? No worries, watch this video and see how successful we stack a variety of products.

I would recommend a Columbia/Okura robotic palletizer to anyone with high volume stacking. I would rate our installation (all four of them) as a significant success in our packaging program.
— Dale Millers, CHS, Inc.

Unique Systems

Is your product unique and does not fit into a traditional category? When standard products do not fit your requirements, we will design a custom palletizing system to meet your needs. Share your project goals and packaging details so our engineers can get to work creating a custom and unique solution.


Integrating Columbia/Okura robotic palletizers has been the best move we have made in the 21 years I have been plant manager.
— Bobby Jernigan, Tennessee Farmers

Depalletizing Systems

Let us take on the labor-intensive task of unloading products from your pallets. Our solution is designed to provide ergonomic alternatives to manual depalletizing.
All of our robotic palletizers and the miniPAL® are capable of unloading your pallets.

miniPAL® Capabilities

Our miniPAL® 2.0 cobot is an effective depalletizer for your products. Its compact design takes minimal floor space and can work alongside employees utilizing area scanners for safety instead of safety mats. It's operating footprint is just 8' x 10' with two pallets.

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We currently have three Columbia/Okura robots, two of which are over 10 years in operation. Problems have been few and far between. With another large project involving palletizers in the works, I know that I can count on Columbia/Okura to get the necessary results.
— Andy Carrier, White Rock Distilleries

Let Us Build A System
That Fits Your Needs

Send us your product, and we will prove we can stack it. With multi-line capabilities, our demo systems can handle any product.