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Robotic Palletizers And Packaging Products

We have proven ourselves as a robotic palletizing industry leader. No matter what type of palletizing requirement you have, we can provide a solution for you

Columbia/Okura robotic palletizer moves lumber from a conveyor.

Complete End of Line Solutions

We give you more than just industry-defining robotic palletizers. We give you peace of mind. Each of our robots come with complete system integration services to ensure that your new palletizer works perfectly with your upstream and downstream equipment.

Robotic Palletizers

Columbia/Okura has been an industry leader in industrial palletizing robots for over 25 years. Like all industrial robots, our robots are programmable, automating tasks that are often repetitive or harmful to workers. They have the ability to lift and move heavy loads quickly while keeping products safe and stacking them to be shipped or even neatly to be sold in stores.

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Ai1800 Palletizing Robot Boxes

What Is A Robotic Palletizer?

Robotic palletizers build a pallet load by picking the product from a conveyor and placing it directly onto the pallet. Building the predefined pattern right on the pallet, again layer by layer, until the full pallet load is created and removed from the machine.

Columbia/Okura robotic palletizer moves boxes from a conveyor onto a pallet

miniPAL® 2.0 Cobot

The new miniPAL® 2.0 cobot is Columbia/Okura's latest palletizing robot featuring the UR10e robot for Universal Robots. The new, more compact, design includes a more narrow frame and cover than our previous cobot. The plug and play, 110 volt, self contained unit is capable of palletizing cases, trays, spot-packs, and other packages onto any pallet up to 48" x 40".

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Integrated Bagging Solutions

We offer complete and professional integrated line solutions; from initial system design through project start-up and commissioning. As the exclusive distributor of Statec Binder automated bagging machines in America, we are able to provide our customers with "single source supply" of high-performance open-mouth and form-fill-seal bagging and palletizing lines. Our service offering includes integration of manual bagging machines, open-mouth bagging machines, valve bag fillers, air packers, impeller packers, and pallet dispensers.

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Systems Integration

Let us do the system engineering and equipment integration so you don't have to. We are partnered with a wealth of equipment suppliers. If you prefer, we will work with your suppliers. System engineering and integration is included with every proposal. Our comprehensive turnkey proposals make the process easier.

  • Accumulation Conveyors
  • Automated Guided Vehicles [AGV]
  • Bar-Code Readers
  • Case Elevators
  • Check Weighers
  • Controls
  • Double Stackers
  • Full-Pallet Load-Conveyors
  • Incline / Decline Conveyors
  • Labelers
  • Metal Detectors
  • Shuttle Cars
  • Sorting Systems
  • Spiral Conveyors
  • Stretch Wrap Machines
  • Transfers and Turntables
Everything from order placement to installation and all service after installation has been most enjoyable. Columbia/Okura is a model that we shall follow in our business. I promise our next palletizer will be a Columbia/Okura.
— Douglas Nakamura, Upper Crust Enterprises, Inc.
Ai1800 Palletizing Robot Overhead

Controls and Software

Systems Controls

We design our own system controls and build our peripheral equipment control panels in house. Our panel shop is UL508A certified. No matter what your project needs are, we have the experience, capability and capacity to design and build the right control system for you.

Palletizing Software

We have designed our “Do-it-Yourself” palletizing software to simplify adding new patterns to your robot. Just create a pattern on your personal computer or laptop and download it to the robot controller. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Enter Product Info
2. Select Pattern
3. Download

Let Us Build A System
That Fits Your Needs

Send us your product, and we will prove we can stack it. With multi-line capabilities, our demo system can handle any product.

Get A Free Copy of Science of Palletizing
The Science of Palletizing is an educational introduction to the basics of unit-load forming and is designed to familiarize you with the fundamentals of palletizing. Since all palletizing applications are unique, selecting a machine to meet your specific needs cannot be done by simply reading this book. This document will help you choose the right system.