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miniPAL® Now Featured as Part of Universal Robots UR+ Application Kits

Vancouver, WA – August 2020 – Columbia/Okura LLC, a leading North American robotic palletizing integrator, is pleased to announce the miniPAL®, a collaborative palletizer featuring the UR10e robot, has been certified and added to the Universal Robots UR+ Applications Program.

The UR+ program debuted in 2016 and has since grown rapidly to include more than 262 launched products and 301 different companies. With this certification, Universal Robots confirms that it has tested and approved the products to work with their portfolio of collaborative robots.

Fast and Cost-Efficient Palletizing with miniPAL®

The compact design of miniPAL® features an integrated lifting column for tall loads, dual stacking locations for continuous load building, built-in fork pockets for easy mobility, area scanners and pressure mats for additional safety, and intuitive pattern building software. The system plugs into 110V AC wall power, can be set up in less than a day, and delivers an average payback between 8 to 10 months, depending on application and industry.

“The UR+ program is an excellent platform for Columbia/Okura to showcase our newest product – the miniPAL® – to potential clients across a multitude of different industries“, says Michael Stuyvesant, Director of Sales for Columbia/Okura. “And having met the comprehensive testing and certification criteria established by Universal Robots, those potential clients can be assured they are getting a robust solution backed by our quarter century of palletizing experience”.

About Columbia/Okura

Columbia/Okura LLC designs, integrates, and commissions end of line robotic palletizing solutions for most major industries. Since 1996, Columbia/Okura has been a leading provider of robotic palletizing systems by delivering custom engineered solutions meeting demanding customer requirements. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, Columbia/Okura LLC is a joint venture of material handling leaders Columbia Machine, Inc. and Okura Yusoki, Co., Ltd. For more information, visit

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