Strategic Alliance with Rocketfarm AS - Columbia/Okura

Strategic Alliance with Rocketfarm AS

Columbia/Okura LLC is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Rocketfarm AS for the development of specialized palletizing software. This relationship will allow Columbia/Okura to provide a user friendly software package for usage with their collaborative palletizing applications.

Columbia/Okura has been working on the development of a mobile, collaborative palletizing product solution for some time. Columbia/Okura intends to launch this software with their release of a new product range of palletizing “cobots”.

The partnership with Rocketfarm allows Columbia/Okura to deliver a customized and user friendly palletizing software package to clients who need a light weight palletizer with high degree of flexibility” says Brian Hutton, President of Columbia/Okura LLC.

The software is very intuitive and doesn’t require any prior programming experience. It’s designed to work seamlessly with Columbia/Okura’s collaborative palletizer. Columbia/Okura continues to evolve product offerings to meet growing customer needs for safe, reliable and economical systems. The new collaborative robot, the miniPAL™, offers five significant client benefits:

  1. Efficient Set-up: Takes less than a full day; plugs into 110V AC wall power
  2. Easy Operation and Pattern programming: No previous programming experience required
  3. Quick Payback: Average payback is between 8-10 months, depending on application and industry
  4. Flexible Deployment: Our mobile solution is easily moved and re-deployed to new lines
  5. No guarding required: A vast majority of cobot applications work next to humans without perimeter guarding requirements

With almost 25 years of robotic palletizing experience, Columbia/Okura is ready to assist in providing the best automated solution for our client’s needs.

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our miniPAL® 2.0 cobot

The new miniPAL® 2.0 features the UR10e robot from Universal Robots. The new compact design includes a more narrow frame and cover than our previous cobot and area scanners for safety instead of safety mats. With intuitive pattern building software created by Rocketfarm and designed to be smooth and flexible, the cobot is easy to have up and running quickly.