Creating Successful Maintenance Visits

Creating Successful Maintenace Visits

Providing a great product is only half of what we do at Columbia/Okura, we also offer outstanding customer service, and together this sets us apart to be leaders in the industry. Having routine maintenance visits from our skilled personnel will keep your robot in peak condition and will help to keep you informed of any problem areas on your machine may face in the future.

We know how important your time is and we recognize the need to get the most value possible from your service appointments. Here are a few simple steps that will help our technician’s service your robots better and allow them to work efficiently to minimize any downtime necessary for routine service calls.

Before a technician arrives onsite, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the visit that will enable the technician to have as much time as possible working on your machine.
We recommend gathering any documents you may have about the equipment; this may include service and cleaning records, a list of any issues you may have had, any questions that have arisen since your last visit from our technicians, and any statistics on its operation. All of these documents will allow the technician to get up to speed quickly when they arrive onsite, minimize questions for you and your team to have to answer, and will inform the technician of the machines current operating abilities.

When the technician arrives onsite, it is essential they are shown around the facilities and understand your production procedures. Knowing your facility will inform the technician on how the robot is being used and may help them identify wear and tear issues on machines.

It is important that any operators and onsite maintenance staff are available while the technician is onsite. Introducing key staff at the start of the visit and ensuring they have time set aside to work with the technician will benefit everyone in the long run.

Follow Up
Once the technician has finished and left the facility, it is important that staff who worked with the technician communicate any further concerns or questions they had, including any that went unanswered or resolved. Ideally our technicians can answer any questions operators or staff may have while onsite, however, occasionally they may need to look into some issues further, requiring follow up conversations with the key contact person onsite – open communication is vital for this to be successful.

Within a week of our technician’s visit, you should receive a follow-up call to address any outstanding items, check that the machine is functioning correctly, and verify that no additional questions had been raised since the onsite visit.

At Columbia/Okura we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and creating a great product. If you have any questions, or want to schedule a service call, please call our service department at 1 (877) 204 7444.

Columbia/Okura's after hours support is amazing! I am able to call any hour and a real person is on the other end to help me trouble shoot my situation. I know I can always count on them 24-7!
— Clyde Selman-Maintenance and Safety Manager at Balchem Corporation