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Industrial Robotic Palletizers

Our rugged robotic palletizers can handle your toughest jobs

Industrial palletizing robots are mechanized robotic systems that automatically load goods onto pallets for shipping.

Like all industrial robots, Columbia/Okura robots are programmable, automating tasks that are often repetitive or harmful to workers. They have the ability to lift and move heavy loads quickly while keeping products safe and stacking them to be shipped or even neatly to be sold in stores.

The picture shows the Ai700, a white robotic palletizer

High Value Robotic Palletizer

The Ai700 robotic palletizer offers maximum dependability in a minimal space. Completely automate your product palletizing requirements. Lift the burden from your valuable employees. Eliminate the repetitive motion and back injuries that come with manual palletizing.


Load Capacity

353lb/160kg (including end effector)

Maximum Speed (single Pick)

9 cases/11 bags per minute (system dependent)

Accuracy-repeated stop positions accuracy

± 1 mm

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Learn how Columbia Okura’s robotic palletizers made stacking 60% faster for Bob’s Red Mill.

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Are You Looking For A Cobot?

Our miniPAL™ cobot is compact and designed to work alongside employees, safely. Featuring the UR10e robot, the miniPAL®’s design includes a lifting column for tall loads, dual stacking locations for continuous load building, built-in fork pockets for easy mobility, an area scanner for additional safety, and intuitive pattern building software.