Robot Arm Replacement Program - Columbia/Okura

Robot Arm Replacement Program

While Columbia/Okura arms that were installed 15+ years ago are still palletizing and running well, our latest robotic palletizing robots offer valuable upgrades.

Ai1800 Palletizing Robot stacking boxes shot from below

Why replace your robot arm?

Our Robot Arm Replacement Program is designed to support our customer's transitions from older equipment models to newer models that can continue to be supported by our team and the parts department.

Upgrading an arm will ensure users have updated user-friendly software with updated programming abilities, access to OEM parts, remote support capabilities, and the assurance that their palletizing systems can continue to be supported by our technicians.

Cost Savings

Remote Support Capabilities

Improved Ease-of-Use


Minimal Disruption

Can be completed incrementally, reducing the impact on production schedules.


Allows you to upgrade specific components or systems to meet unique needs.


Works seamlessly within existing systems and processes.

Regulatory Compliance

bring equipment up to current regulatory standards without purchasing an entirely new system.

Parts Availability

extend the life of existing equipment, giving customers more time to secure spare parts or identify suitable alternatives.
Ai1800 Palletizing Robot

Retrofits & System Enhancements

We understand that our customers operate in a dynamic environment, and flexibility is a significant factor when making decisions to upgrade or update your system for your end-of-line palletizing needs. As your business grows, so should your material handling equipment.

In many cases, a simple robot replacement will fulfill the needs of a production facility, providing upgraded software, improved product handling, ensure parts compatibility, and easier servicing. In other cases, it might be the right time to retrofit peripheral equipment to improve throughput or improve flexibility for new products.

Our latest Retrofits & System Enhancement Catalog outlines adjustments, improvements, and different tools that can be added to your palletizing system to ensure it can continue to meet your changing production needs.

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Learn more about how an arm replacement might be right for your system.